Take your College to the No. 1 Spot in Placement Statistics.

make your college no 1 in placements

Around 60% of companies across industries hired more people in 2015 compared to the previous year. Though the job market is lucrative, it also going to be highly competitive with more and more talented students graduating every year. There will be immense competition for technical jobs and it is necessary to make your college stand out in the minds of recruiters to get the cream of companies to visit your college this year. There are two ways to shoot up your college’s placement statistics which are to:

  1. Improve the conversion ratio
  2. Bring in more companies for recruitment

In this article, we will talk about the first method on how you can improve the conversion ratio in your college placements. Here are a few tips to become the No. 1 college in India to attract the best recruiters:


Tip 1: Get maximum no. of students to clear the initial test for improving the conversion ratio.

Did you know? 80% of candidates are eliminated during the written test stage or in the initial rounds of an interview. Out of the selected candidates after the test, there is more than 50% chances of them getting hired.


The reason why most candidates fail to clear the initial tests, though they are technically sound, is because the test focusses on topics like aptitude, verbal and reasoning and basic technical skills they would have learnt long back and are now currently out of touch. This is where EPracto comes into picture. EPracto is an online skill enhancement software which features a huge database of over 1 lakh questions each on aptitude, reasoning, verbal ability, reading comprehension, technical, programming domains for students to practice effectively and clear any company test with confidence. It helps students practice and prepare in advance to ace interview tests with confidence.


Tip 2: Monitor and track students’ progress continuously.


Continuous monitoring of students’ performance is essential to ensure that they are on the right track towards success. EPracto lets you map students’ learning progress with its multi-dimensional reports. You can check whether students’ progress is at the desired level and speed up the process, if necessary with more tests. The reports also highlight their strengths and weaknesses which help you assess and take corrective action wherever necessary. Analysis also helps in the following ways:

  1. Accelerated learning, because students are receiving reports of relevant and appropriate instruction
  2. Documentation of student progress for accountability purposes
  3. Share students’ progress with other college professionals for feedback

Tip 3: Targeted test preparation for better conversion.
Identify students’ areas of interest and group them accordingly based on target industries. By making students prepare specifically in their areas of interest, you can keep them motivated as well as prevent diversification of their efforts. By concentrating their efforts on specific skill sets, their chances of clearing the initial rounds are significantly raised.
Speaking of EPracto, an online skill enhancement software, you can let students choose and practice on a variety of online tests of top companies like TCS, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, HCL, L&T Infotech, Infosys etc. or help them create their own custom company-test pattern from any topic of their choice.
Tip 4:  Time Management – a big barrier to clearing entrance tests.
Most recruitment tests are pressure tests where an impossible number of questions are given to students in a limited time. Many talented students do not clear the initial tests due to poor management of time, though they have a fair knowledge on the topics. By conducting timed tests which simulates the actual test environment, you give students the much needed practice to help them manage the limited time efficiently. Students would learn to identify questions which they know best and attempt to solve them in a short span of time and also mark time-consuming questions for later. The skill to prioritize the questions based on one skill set can be acquired only over a period of time, through repeated practice.


Tip 5: Flaunt students’ performances to corporates.
Practice alone isn’t enough for students to get a good job. It is extremely important for them to get noticed by top recruiters in their industry. EPracto integration with EYardstick lets you showcase students’ performances with many top companies, amplify their job opportunities and help them find their dream job after college, that they have always been wanting.
By incorporating these tips effectively, your college can become the most preferred choice of recruiters for placements.

Our next blog will focus on what you’ve all been waiting for – an incredible solution to get numerous companies to recruit from your college. Stay tuned!

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