How Practice can enhance student learning?

Practice is extremely essential to students’ learning as it helps them remember. The more no of times a student practices something, the more likely they are to learn and remember it i.e. the things learnt are likely to stay in his/her memory for longer periods of time. Practice also allows students by providing them an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of skills taught in classrooms; to increase speed, gain expertise and also improve skills, at the same time. Also, there are numerous methods in which a student can engage, allowing him/her to learn information at various stages of retention. A fine example of this would be the Learning Pyramid which highlights the theory of learning that in the learning process, active participation results in higher learning retention.


The base of the learning pyramid constitutes the best method for retention. ‘Lecture’ contributes to just 5% in learning and ‘practicing by doing’ contributes to 75% retention rates. Students also have to note that practice cannot alone make perfect, but learning can be optimized if they practice in the right way, strategically. This is made possible through EPracto.


EPracto allows students to practice extensively. Its database consists of over 1 lakh questions each on Aptitude, Verbal and technical domains. With this exhaustive chunk of resource available to practice from, students will be ready to deal with any shooting question in any type of competitive tests they would encounter.


EPracto’s practice test software is also the ideal tool to help students achieve perfection in competitive test solving. The opportunity of solving variety of questions will help them get better grades and at the same time gain insights about the concept as well.


In addition, students can extensively take various campus recruitment tests of top companies like Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, Capgemini, CTS, HCL etc. While practicing more with EPracto, they can familiarize themselves with these test patterns and also track their progress with performance analysis reports.


To conclude with, though there may be hundreds of permutations and hundreds of combinations of questions, but practicing will help familiarize students with test patterns and will eventually turn them in to a pro at solving every one of them.  If done in the right away, this would also contribute highly to cater to the students’ advantage, in the long run.


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