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What is F-Pulse?

F-Pulse 2017 is a national level competition which extends an open platform to compete with the best across the country and prove one’s flair at the highest level. Formac invites and welcomes every assertive BE / B. Tech/ MCA / MBA student who aspires to challenge the limits and win big in return.

Who all are eligible for this contest?

Any B.E. / B.Tech / MCA / MBA student (2017 / 2018 batch) is eligible for the contest.

Is there any registration to be done?

No registration required. Just take the tests (as per the above mentioned schedule ) using the same valid email id. All evaluation and considerations will be done based on your email id.

How can I participate?

It’s quite simple. Ensure to attempt all the tests as per the schedule using the same valid email id throughout.

What is time-table for the tests?

F-Pulse 2017 Starts from 22nd January 2017 [ For more information refer to the top of this page]

What are the two categories? Can I participate in both?

The contest is having 2 categories; Aptitude Tests and Coding. Aptitude tests will include Quant, Reasoning and Verbal whereas, Coding Questions will have coding problems to be answered using either of C, C++ or Java. Yes, you can participate in both as they are going to be evaluated and awarded separately.

What all topics will be covered in the tests?

In Aptitude tests, you can expect questions from Quant, Reasoning and English (MCQs) and Coding will have Coding questions to be answered using either of C, C++ or Java.

How many tests should I take to be eligible for the prizes?

We would encourage you to attempt all the tests as we are going to consider the best 4 out of the 6 Aptitude tests and better of the 2 Coding Problems. However, the minimum attendance should be 4 Aptitude tests and 1 Coding with 60% average scores.

How can I take the test(s)?

Step 1: Open the exam URL (https://formac.epracto.com/exam ). If all the boxes in the System Compatibility check window are green, click on ‘Click to Login’. Step 2: Enter your email id (ensure to use one valid email id throughout the contest) and Enter the appropriate ‘Secured key’ (as given in the schedule). Step 2: Follow the Registration Process, once done click on ‘Start Exam’. Note: Please go through the attached documents to understand the features and functionality of the tool in details.

Can I take a demo test?

Yes, click on the url: https://formac.epracto.com/exam, Enter your email id and the Exam Passwords as “1vdagis“ for Aptitude Demo Test and "2creymd" for Coding Demo Test . Post successful system check (Green thumbs up sign), click on ‘Proceed to Exam’. Enter the registration details appropriately, then click ‘Save and Proceed to Exam’.

What are the prizes I can win?

1st Prize: [4G WiFi 7" Tab with voice call worth Rs. 14000], 2nd Prize: [Latest 4G Smart Phone worth Rs. 12000], 3rd Prize: [WD 2.5" External Hard Drive worth Rs. 11000], 4th Prize: [FitGear i5 Premium Fitness Band worth Rs. 9990], 5th Prize: [JBL Superior quality stereo headphones worth Rs. 7998] Including 100 Consolation Prizes worth 50,000.

Why should I use the same email id / valid email id? Can I use my college email id?

You can use any valid email id (college / personal). As email ids are the only validation point for us, all the evaluation, consideration and communication are to be done using the email ids only. For example, if a candidate takes 2 exams with email id1, another 3 with email id2 and last one with email id3. Even if he/she has attended all the exams will not be considered as no single email id (email id1 / email id2 / email id3) is present in minimum 4 exams.

What should I do in case of any technical issues during the test?

Please go through the ‘Exam Instruction document’ attached.

How can check my scores / results?

The leader board will be activated post 24 hours of the exam completion for each test. You can login using your registered email id to see your Scores, Rank and other details related to the completed exam. URL for leader board (will be activated 23rd Jan onwards):

How will I know if I have won any prize(s)?

Post completion of all the tests, we will tabulate the scores and announce the results. The final scores and prizes will be announced on or before 15th March 2017. You can check the same using the leader-board. However, we will also communicate to individual winners on their given email ids.

When and how will I get my prize(s)?

Within 72 hours of prize announcement, we will communicate on the given mobile number(s) and email ids of the winners to get the shipping address. Within next 72 hours we will send the prepaid couriers on the given addresses which can be delivered to the appropriate recipient as per the courier-partner’s schedule.