Crack any exam with EPracto!

Create your own custom test
Choose from among the many exam-specific test patterns available to you from our exhaustive collection of tests. Or you can create your own custom tests - choosing from among the various range of topics like Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, Verbal ability, programming etc. which can ultimately help achieve your study goals. What’s more? You can hand-select your topics, number of questions and customize your tests based on your requirements. Practice with EPracto and ace the latest Infosys placement tests, Tech Mahindra placement tests, Accenture placement tests and other industry-leading tests, all at ease and your convenience.
Track your progress with our state-of-the-art reporting tool
Gain complete access to our state-of-the-art progress reports through our reporting tool that demonstrates and showcases your performance and progress in detail. Get overall and test-wise reports to help you understand where you are in your learning curve. EPracto’s flexible reporting options and its dynamic interface make it completely easier for you to understand and track your performance with intelligent visual charts and diagrams. You can analyze these reports later and start executing your action steps to make your study decisions faster.

Identify your strengths and weaker areas

Measure your performance with EPracto’s intelligent assessment system. Analyze your performance as EPracto highlights your strengths and weaknesses. Know where your stand and frame your next course of action to map future industry roles so that you can work towards it. Identify your weak areas and practice on those areas till you improve. EPracto can shake up your exam preparations and help you gain exposure to every possibility through which you can grow. EPracto also lets you clarify your areas for opportunity and personal development, steadily placing you on the road to success. 

Get detailed explanatory answers for all questions

Know where you went wrong with our detailed explanatory answers. EPracto displays the right answers and detailed explanation to support the evidence as to why your answer is wrong or even further taking a step forward - as to why your answer is right, making EPracto a great medium for you to tackle and understand subject matters with ease. Use EPracto to learn new topics and smarter ways to solve problems. The explanatory answer feature is provided to you for every answer, at the end of your exam.

Know where you stand among your peers

Track your performance compared and contrasted to your peers in the rest of India and know where you stand among them and how much more you have to improve to be among the top achievers and what kind of tests you should be actually attempting to get there. Get to know your chances of acing an exam – be it campus recruitment tests or other exams like GATE, IES, UPSC etc. EPracto is a definitive medium to measure your performance with ease. 

Get noticed amidst all the competition

Showcase your skills, establish a robust presence and get discovered by some of the top companies recruiting via EYardstick. The competition is always fierce for the best entry-level jobs and is always likely to remain so. EPracto helps you stand out amongst that stiff competition of the IT recruitment, reach for the skies and achieve your dreams. Showcase your skills via EPracto reports in addition to your academic marks to many recruiters in one go. Sign up for EPracto now and get to know first when companies are recruiting and outshine your peers. 

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