Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy


All the content provided by EPracto has been made available to the users, with a sole purpose of providing benefit to the user/reader. Formac or EPratco assumes no responsibility in the genuineness, accuracy, quality of content, errors or omissions made. Formac or EPracto expressly disclaims any representations or warranties which is expressed or implied, of, which includes the limitation of the accuracy, completeness or reliability of text, graphics, links and other items accessed from or via this server or the Internet.


Formac makes no commitment to the information contained herein and it is the sole responsibility of the readers that they go through the policy frequently for changes. Any terms here are subject to change and it is the users’ responsibility to stay updated with the modifications or additions.


Formac cannot control or take any responsibility for the content posted by the visitors and we cannot edit the content provided by a third party or ensure prompt removal of any inappropriate content. If it comes to our notice that a particular party is not abiding to the terms mentioned herein and is proceeding in an unlawful manner, we would immediately remove their content, terminate their right to access the use of services and proceed to take action legally. Third Party postings are not reviewed for truth or accuracy by us and we do not represent any opinions or beliefs.


Under no circumstances, Formac or any affiliates would be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, special or incidental and including without limitation loss of name, fame, profits in connection with the use of our services.


Formac reserves and retains the copyright in all content as a collective work under Copyright laws and one may not copy, publish, distribute or sell the content in any manner without express written consent from Formac. Formac and EPracto names, logo, brand, colour, symbol are  all related products of Formac and all the trademarks, service marks are owned by Formac. They cannot be used or reused at all.


We would terminate membership privileges who infringes copyright upon notification to us by the copyright owner. Without limiting to this if you believe that your content has been copied by any third party, in a way that infringes your copyright, you may please write to our support team at


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