• Online Exam software students_Management reports


    Assess the student abilities and measure the overall performance of your students with reports meant for management. EPracto’s detailed reports will reflect the training efficacy and can be used to showcase the college standard.

  • Online Exam software students_HOD Reports


    Reports meant for head of departments will help you to map the learning of curve of your students to measure their progression, frame the next course of action for students and identify future industry roles where they fit in best.

  • Online Exam software students_Create Management reports online


    In addition to mapping individual learning progress, student reports indicates the strengths and area of improvement of individual students, thus helping them assess themselves and take corrective action where necessary.

Online Exam software students_Create Management reports software
Online Exam software students_Create Management reports online software
Event Reports
  • Get access to reports on overall event statistics which are provided for any specified branch, based on your choices.

  • Get full detailed reports on conversion statistics at the eligibility stage, interview stage and at the final selection stage.

  • Get individual reports on student performance updates and placement reports that can be sorted through various options such as course, specialization, year, name, Roll. no etc.

Other Reports