• Placement Drives Management

  • Student Management

  • Reporting

  • Automated Email Notifications

  • Student Profiles

  • Role Management

  • Pattern Management

  • Unlimited Tests (CRT, GATE, GRE, GMAT, CAT)

  • Essay & Email Writing

  • Programming

  • Semi-offline Solution



₹ 400 per student


₹ 450 per Student


₹ 500 per Student

logo3- You have the option to choose either Essay & Email writing or Programming.

EPracto software costs lesser than 10 mock tests on paper!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I upgrade my plan anytime?

Sure, you can upgrade your plan anytime. Send an e-mail to support@epracto.com and our sales team will get in touch with you.

What is included in the ‘free’ version? Is it free forever?

The event management feature is given to all colleges free of cost for the first year. You can use the feature to effectively manage all events like training and placement activities.

What are online and semi-online models? Which is the right one for us?

EPracto software is stored on AWS cloud server. In on-line model, tests are conducted by connecting to this cloud server; college admins and students can login to their accounts by connecting to the internet. In semi-online model, exams can be conducted in college labs with a LAN connection, provided one of their servers has internet connection. We suggest the online model for all colleges for the ease of use. However, if all the computers in your college labs do not have a good internet connection, you can opt for semi-online model.

How secure will our data be?

Our data is stored in a secure cloud server by Amazon with built-in firewalls, multi-factor authentication, private subnets, encrypted data storage, perfect forward secrecy, etc. In simpler words, your data is perfectly secure with us and you don’t have to worry about data loss or misuse.

What support is available to us if we purchase EPracto?

You can always write to us at support@epracto.com for any queries and we promise to get back to you within 48 hours. Additionally you can also call our toll-free number 1800 307 01105 anytime between 9 am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

What are the topics covered under EPracto?

EPracto contains test questions on a vast variety of subjects including Aptitude, Verbal, Technical, Programming, ELIS and Case studies. For more details Click Here

How many tests can we conduct?

We believe in the power of practice in transforming a student’s career. Hence, we have not set any limits on the number of tests you can conduct. Schedule as many mock tests as you want and help your students achieve their dreams.

What exams can we prepare for using EPracto?

We have huge database of questions on wide-range of topics. Click here to know more. EPracto allows you to customize the test pattern for any kind of exams. Use EPracto to help your students prepare for campus placement tests, GATE, IES, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL and many more.

What is the source for the question database?

Our questions are prepared by industry experts and qualified professionals after extensive research and are classified into easy, medium and hard for your convenience.