Some of our Satisfied  Customers

We absolutely love EPracto as it is extensively helping our students prepare for competitive examinations. EPracto has also given us an opportunity to maintain a large student database and track all their performances’ in a quick and efficient manner.

EPracto is the most comprehensive software we’ve ever come across! It’s just amazing because it guides students to familiarize themselves with industry-standard test patterns and also contribute towards playing a vital role in their career transformation.

EPracto’s intuitive and intelligent report offerings have given a complete and holistic picture of our students’ progress. It is truly a wonderful tool that lets us effectively measure all the information we need. 
EPracto has highly anticipated our needs. It has given all our students a portal to maximize their strengths, learn from their weaknesses and emerge as top performers in their relative fields of study. 
EPracto remains to be the one-stop shop for effectively managing all our training and placement activities with ease. We are very happy with EPracto and we’re quite impressed!
EPracto is performing brilliantly! It allows us to schedule, plan and organize any event, saving us a lot of effort. Its automated e-mail tool helps us to communicate to all the selected students in one shot and is very incredible to use!

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