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    Aptitude test

    Aptitude test is an integral component of the candidate selection process in any campus recruitment to test the learning ability of candidates. EPracto has more than 100000 aptitude questions covering wide range of subject areas in quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, data interpretation etc

  • Verbal ability

    With over 85000 questions in vocabulary, reading comprehension, sentence correction, etc., EPracto equips students to improve their verbal communication to clear any exam like campus recruitment tests, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, etc

  • Technical

    EPracto has more than 75000 questions on core engineering and core management domains including technical domains like C Language, CPP, Java catering to BTech, MTech and MBA students preparing for campus placement tests, GATE, IES etc

  • Programming

    Programming tests are a unique feature of EPracto which gives students the much needed practice on basic and advanced programming skills which is essential for a technical career in the IT arena

  • English listening and speaking

    In addition to writing skills, EPracto also helps students improve their oral communication skills with questions based on their listening skills. Moreover, there are also tests on their oral vocabulary for improving their speaking skills

  • Case Studies

    Case studies are powerful and effective training tools for practical application of knowledge and critical thinking. Our wide range of case studies develop the skills of students in problem solving, decision making and coping with ambiguities

Extensive Question Database

 Numerous questions on various topics classified into easy, medium and hard difficulty levels

Numerous questions on various topics like aptitude tests, verbal ability, etc. classified into easy, medium and hard difficulty levels
Our dedicated team of R&D experts work continuously to analyze, prepare and fine tune the questions in all respective areas to make this practice very effective for students. Additionally, metrics state that the we are 96.3% close in predicting the actual score of a student if our practice test is taken. Our areas of expertise are very vast and cater to a large variety of exams starting from CRTs to GRE, GMAT, CAT and other Technical Education Examinations.


Test Effectiveness

Increase your chance of clearing any competitive exam with EPracto! Our creatively designed tests, patterns and questions formulated after months of research assure students a much higher chances of clearing any competitive exam that comes their way.


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