CAT 2015 – 1 month to go: How students can set the stage to excel in their exams?

Ace your CAT Exams

With barely a month to go for the very important CAT (Common Admission Test) 2015, fear and stress would normally flood students who are preparing for the exam, as now the format now has changed and is a mixed bag for all of them. Given the volume of competition and level of the test difficulty, sometimes students get disappointed whether to continue preparing for CAT 2015 or leave it to the luck gods to favour them.


As we know it, CAT 2015 serves as the gateway to over 20 IIMs and other top rated B schools and students should generally have an idea for which top colleges they aspire to get into. Students should also not feel depressed or pressurised at any point of time. They must focus on CAT 2015 preparation and practice for their exam effectively, with a single goal in mind – to ace it. The weightage of getting admission in to IIMs and other good colleges and turning their dreams into reality is always greater and students should focus on thinking of new ways and means on how to prepare well for CAT 2015.


To make students’ preparation easier, EPracto, an intelligent skill enhancement software contains extensive questions that can help familiarize them with the CAT exam pattern. By taking mock CAT tests with questions on Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Logical reasoning, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension every day, students can assess themselves and sharpen their skills to ace their tests.


With just about a month to go now, students should already have a set of colleges they aspire to gain admission and they would already know what the usual cut off scores for those colleges are. EPracto mock tests serve as the right platform to find out their chances of surpassing the cut off or how much more they have to improve to be eligible. They have one more month to practice hard to come up to the mark.


Taking frequent practice tests is a must in order to enhance their skills. This is because practice can result in higher retention as it simplifies the learning process. Every step, however small, students take with EPracto will make them perform better, excel in their preparation journey, helping them score high in the real exam.


By simulating a real time CAT test environment, students can get used to performing under pressure with time constraints. EPracto performance reports also highlights their strengths and weaknesses. Students can find out where they are under performing and concentrate on improving those particular topic areas by taking repeated tests.


This month will remain to be the definitive time where students can use this software most effectively to find out their key strengths and make sure that during the exams they can focus on these strengths. A lot of learning and practice will contribute to a world of good. However, students also have to stay calm and relaxed by taking regular breaks and exercise. The CAT 2015 aspirants must remember that there is a stiff competition and only the top few thousand aspirants get selected in the best B schools in the country.


In the end, timing, practice and consistency are the three most important factors that matters the most. CAT is an arduous exam and having a winning attitude right from the beginning will certainly help. We may have to wait and watch for the CAT success stories to follow and the list of top performers who will come out soon with flying colours when results are announced. But, take our word – if you practice with EPracto, you could definitely emerge to be one of those lucky chaps.


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