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Mobile technology which includes iPods, iPads, cell phones and tablets has become predominant as new developments have paved the path for educational use to a great potential. As this is becoming more and more prominent in the lives of students, many colleges are using this technology for teaching and training students. Given below are a few advantages of using mobile technology which contributes to creating an enriching learning experience:


  • Students can learn “anytime, anywhere” virtually, according to their convenience with mobile phones, even outside their classroom
  • Mobile devices help students to learn social skills that are necessary for their growth and success
  • Mobile devices may be small in size, but they a natural fit for use within the learning environment
  • Mobile technology gives way to strong portability and replaces books and notes with smaller and lightweight devices
  • As mobile devices can be customized in many ways, mobile technology provides students with a personalized educational and learning experience
  • Mobile technologies help in decreasing training costs and are relatively inexpensive and they can reach students who are having limited incomes


Teachers must prepare to use mobile technologies in the classroom by training their colleagues or other teachers to use and incorporate mobile devices into learning. They should also educate students about using a software like EPracto for completely transforming their learning experience.


EPracto is a practice test software, easily accessible from all mobile browsers. Students can take mock tests at their convenience and prepare for competitive exams like GATE, CAT, UPSC, Bank PO and Technical Education exams etc. EPracto simulates a real time test environment to help students perform under time constraints and any kind of pressure. Students can stretch to their limits with taking category-wise tests choosing from a wealth house of topics or create their own custom test pattern.


Being the first-of-its-kind software in its category, EPracto features lakhs of tests, patterns and questions and it promises students a much higher chance of clearing any competitive exam that comes along their way.


Students can get detailed answers to all questions, analysis of their performance and a snapshot of their preparation level, all through their mobile phone.


To end with, mobile technology can help students to change radically. It can keep them more engaged in learning, enrich their learning process and stimulate critical thinking. Ultimately, it helps students take rapid strides towards exam and career success, through constant interaction and assessments.


If you want to practice for your competitive exams and campus tests, specifically on the go and at your own pace, try EPracto.


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