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  • Ease of Use

    EPracto makes it very easy for colleges to manage student information and extract any kind of reports. Bulk upload of student data in minutes, grouping of students, set an exam in three clicks - it is all possible with our user-friendly and fully customizable features.

  • Extensive Question Data Base

    Our huge question database contains a wide range of questions encompassing various topics like aptitude questions, logical reasoning, verbal ability, technical, programming, and many more. Questions are never repeated no matter how many times you take the test!

  • Effective Management

    Schedule, plan and organize any event efficiently and with minimum effort with EPracto - be it training events, on campus or off campus placement drives, symposiums, etc. Communicate to all the selected students in one go with our automated e-mail tool.

  • Multi-dimensional Reporting

    Our strong reporting feature enables you to measure your student performance to analyze where they stand and where they need improvement. Any kind of report can be extracted like overall student performance, batch-wise performance, individual performance and many more.

  • Student Profiles

    All student get individual student logins which can be accessed anytime from anywhere through which they can view their individual details and performance reports. EPracto comes with Artificial intelligence tests to help students improve on their weak areas by repeated practice.

  • Recruitment Support

    Via integration with EYardstick, our campus recruitment portal for companies, our partner clients can view the colleges and students and directly shortlist candidates for campus placement drives increasing the job opportunities for your students manifold.

Use the event management feature of EPracto to effectively manage all your placement training and placement activities
Manage your activities for free with EPracto!
Use the event management feature of EPracto to effectively manage all your training and placement activities. Plan and schedule events, select the right students by applying various filters and notify all the students in just a few clicks.
  •    Get all the students details in a single page
  •    Automated emails for quick and easy communications
  •    Insta-Alerts and anytime, anywhere access

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